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the brand designed for your business’ mission

Sol Co. Studio is a web & brand design studio created for heart-led leaders who walk in the purpose of serving others.

Sol co. studio isn’t just another design studio, sol co. cares about you as a person. you can count on being heard, seen and valued. 

behind the brand, sunnie ward

Who is Sol Co. Studio?

Sol Co. Studio translates to Sun Collective Studio. Sun is Sol in Spanish, pronounced as “sohl”.

Sol Co. embodies leading from the heart with authenticity, and being a vessel. 

I believe that when you put your focus into doing the genuine work to connect with people first, they will see the heart and soul of who you are and what you stand for.

Every project is designed with the intention to create a space that feels good, genuine and allows my clients to be heard & appreciated as they do their life’s work. The design & strategy are a bonus!

Sunnie Ward
Sunnie Ward

A Few Facts

sol co. values genuine connections

we prioritize authenticity over popularity.

we create experiences, not just visuals.

Sunnie Ward


favorite show to binge watch

Insecure created by Issa Rae will always be #1 on my list. You can count on Insecure to make you feel all the feels. I’m still a little sad that the show ended because it was definitely for the culture! #rootingforeverybodyblack


favorite place I have visited

I can’t just pick one, and I’m a fan of giving suggestions so… Morocco, Madrid and Honduras were all equally beautiful in their own ways!


what was your dream job as a child?

I envisioned owning a daycare, because I loved (and still do) taking care of others. I obvi own a business, but now I get to nurture and care for my design clients in ways that support their goals & dreams. I’d say it all worked out in the end. 


what’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?

The longer the wait, the bigger the blessing. It’s a beautiful reminder to enjoy the ride in the moment, because no matter what, it’s going to all come together.



purpose > virality


supportive, safe space

brand promise

As a WOC, oftentimes we have the seat but no table. In this space, I want everyone to feel included and for no voice to go unheard.

Your business is something you are very proud of, and as your designer it’s my job to help you envision a better business. A business you can be proud of, not only for it’s aesthetics but for the heart of what your business stands for. 

If you’ve been seeking a meaningful web & brand design studio, you’ve come to the right place!