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October 30, 2023

Client Onboarding for New Clients: A Step-by-Step Journey

I remember the very first client I had back in 2020, and well, it was a hot mess! The client was amazing, my onboarding and project management skills were not. From the initial consultation being scheduled through a text message, no contract (luckily the project went smoothly), an unbearable amount of emails being sent back and forth, and pretty much any other unorganized thing you can think of. After stressing myself and my clients, I knew it was time to upgrade my process so that I wasn’t leaving money on the table, nor was I giving my clients less than they deserved!

Here’s the truth…
I fully believe that clients aren’t spending money with you for what you have, also known as, your services. They are spending money with you because they like how you make them feel. With that, they are confident that their experience will be positive, and if you’re anything like me, you’re very serious about getting it right. We’ve all had bad experiences with a service-based business, whether it be, issues with scheduling appointments, lack of communication or not getting the full experience. It doesn’t feel good, and our hard-earned dollars are wasted.

But that’s enough of the rant! What does the client onboarding experience look like at Sol Co. Studio?

  1. Proposal, Contract, & Invoice: Once the initial discovery call is complete, I like to take what was discussed in the meeting to create a custom proposal. I do not send the same copy & pasted proposal because every project is unique, and my service is not a one-size fits all. Included in the proposal is the scope of the work, project timelines with payment schedules, the official contract for signature, and the invoice for the first payment/deposit. *I do require a 30% deposit to be made before beginning any work.
  2. Welcome: After the legal stuff is taken care of, all new clients receive a Welcome email which also includes a link to their own private client portal in Moxie! I love this client portal because my clients have the ability to read over the Digital Welcome Page, have a safe location to access their signed contract and invoices, a link to schedule weekly meetings, update their payment method & even submit request for design changes.
    • Digital Welcome Page: The Digital Welcome Page is a full overview of:
      • Next steps
      • Feedback guidelines
      • How to navigate Moxie
      • What to prepare before the project begins
      • Communication & business hours
      • Tools we will use during the project, and
      • A link to schedule your first brand strategy session
  3. Kickoff Call: To set the tone for how the project goes, we always have a kickoff call to dive deep into your brand. We go over a questionnaire filled with topics around your brand itself, your website, brand messaging and strategizing on how to go from good to great! This is the final step of the client onboarding process and the most important step in the process.

How can you work with me?

To book a discovery call click here. Please note, when you submit the contact form it will redirect you to my calendar to schedule a call. All new inquiries must submit a contact form. This contact form is a great way to brief me over what your business is, and gives me the opportunity to prep before the call so that we can best utilize that time. The process to starting our journey together is simple, and I do my best to make sure the steps to inquire are super simple and easy to navigate.

I look forward to partnering with you soon to make an impactful statement through heartfelt branding!

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